9 people signed the petition since May 18, 2015

Signatures for Stop Zoey Deane being a selfish slag and going back to Oz

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1 KimClarke My heart simply cannot bear the pain any more that is caused by your absence in my life. Stop being selfish.
2 NatalieWright Don't go!
3 HollyNewall STOP BEING SELFISH!! Think about your friends and what WE want
4 DanielleHomewood This is just the beginning ;-)
5 catherinehayes  
6 SarahRain It will make Kim so much happier. I don't want to keep putting up with her foul moods at work all because she misses you! Help me out.
7 VanessaHowe Life is incomplete without you Deano!!
8 LauraScott Nat made me do this....
9 RobMarsh I don't know Zoe but my colleague Natalie Wright seems pretty keen on keeping her her so I thought "what they hey" I'll sign it too